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Why do you have to ruin games EA?

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Why do you make games suck EA. You turn amazing games into **bleep** like Battlefield 4. You forced dice to release their game earlier than ghosts causing a **bleep**ty and buggy game due to your stupid standards EA. I hope you know that you have ruined other games besides Battlefield like Crysis and especially Sim city.

With all my hate


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Re: Why do you have to ruin games EA?

I am getting sick of buying half-finished games that should still be in beta, if it weren't for the board room suits imposing greed fueled deadlines. How did that marketing ploy of getting the game out before COD work out? EA's game doesn't work, outrages entire gaming community, while Inifinity Ward makes $1B sales in 1 day. Please put out a WORKING game next time. It's really not fun that some of my friends are able to play, and are on their way to level 50, while I wait patch after patch that doesn't address the most critical problems in the game, all while I am being hocked more DLC content for $$. I already spent about $100 on an unplayable game, and about 10 hours lost trying to fix your non-game. Get it together guys...seriously. I know it's not DICE's fault(love you guys)..but somebody has to let the board room schmucks know that we have had about enough.

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Re: Why do you have to ruin games EA?

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Answer HQ is a place where players get help and players

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Answer HQ is not the place for this

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If you have any technical question/problem regarding BF4,

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