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Why can't I access a multiplayer server of Battlefield 4?

I am constantly trying to access a multiplayer server on Battlefield 4. The problem is that I constantly get a warning I have to download a browser plug-in. The situation is, however, that I have already downloaded and installed this plug-in a million times. I have tried to move it to all sorts of locations in my computer, but I always get the same warning that I have to download the file. I cannot enter a multiplayer game and it has been bugging me for ages now. Can somebody help me?

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Re: Why can't I access a multiplayer server of Battlefield 4?

Try this steps 

1.delete your browse history

2.change your browse try a different one

3. Log out and log in to origin and battlelog origin repair install in the bf4 game client in origin

6.update your driver

7.make sore you save the plug-in before you install it when you press the plug-in icon you will see the steps you need to take before you install it make sore you do all 3 steps that are mentioned in the installation processes 


if non helps contact Origin/EA support they will gladly help you whit this problem go here press contact as give information press i still need help at the bottom of the page and then press start live chat and you will get a live chat whit an EA agent that will be glad to help you



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