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Registered: ‎10-23-2013

Start-Up Problems on Xbox One

So I play Battlefield 4 on my Xbox One fairly often and sometimes when I start it, the first screen (before it loads the main menu) will not load the main menu and just returns me to Xbox Home with no explanation to why it just did that. Wtf? I don’t get why this happens? I didn't really see it as a major problem until yesterday when I invited friends over to play BF4 and this problem occurred, after about an hour of trying to get the game to work (restarted my Xbox One, etc.) it finally loaded the main menu only to tell me "Could not connect to EA Online" and leave me at the screen where you see the aircraft carrier. I couldn't select anything, pause, connect to Battlelog, etc.; the game wasn’t frozen because the water and whatnot was still moving and I could return to the Xbox home screen. I know Xbox LIVE was (is) having problems right now but when I contacted MS yesterday they told me Battlefield 4 was unaffected; so if anyone can tell me what this problem/glitch is that be highly appreciated, thanks for the help and sorry for such a long message. If you don’t understand I’ll definitely try to explain it more clearly.