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Reporting cheaters on BF4

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Ok,Can some one help me here have done Everything that I have read about reporting cheating on bf4.I went on bf4 and clicked on the find players in upper right corner Put in players name and NO player found,not even on bf3.

SO now how do you go about reporting some one that is not there.

Now I have read that we don't use persons name,But the way I look at this if he is not legit player that doesn't apply.

So can some one help report ([Removed])  

I have put up with cheaters with wall hacks,aim bots and now mod controllers in lots of games.This guy is just to much and every one that was in this game just could not kill him-until I told him I was turning him in,Then he started dying.

He doesn't even show up in my players met.

Please help 

The cheating on bf4 is worse than bf3.WHEN DOES IT EVEN COME CLOSE TO ENDING. I know we will always have cheaters but there should be some control of it.

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Re: Reporting cheaters on BF4

Please follow the steps in the following article:


AHQ is not a place to report other players, it is a place where gamers can help each other with problems encountered in game.Please remember that 'naming and shaming' in this way is against the rules of the forum.


Hope this helps
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