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Punkbuster and GGC bans on BF4

So I recently stupidly got my account banned by GGC and Punkbuster on BF3 for using a special recording software (VeniceFX) on a protected server and I am now banned from many Punkbuster and GGC servers on BF3.

I would like to know if my ban will carry on to BF4 and that I will able to play on all servers without question or I should get a new account.


 P.S. I am really excited for BF4 and it would be a shame if I was banned because of my own stupidity.

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Re: Punkbuster and GGC bans on BF4

 If you were banned by Punkbuster or GGC-Stream, please know that EA Support cannot assist with unbanning your account. Learn more about disputing a ban withPunkBuster or GGC-Stream.

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Re: Punkbuster and GGC bans on BF4

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Punkbuster has 2 kind of bans, the one used most/99% of the time the bans are CD-Key based (GUID based) and will thus not affect BF4. If you have done something hardcore you can get a hardware ban which bans you current hardware from playing, these are however very rare.


I'm not sure about GGC but don't think it does.