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PS3 vs PS4 Multiplayer

When you go to play multiplayer online, you can only play against people using the same platform as yourself. My question, therefore, is this:


With Battlefield 4 being available on both generations of console, will PS3 users be playing on seperate servers to the PS4 users? Or in simpler terms, if I play BF4 on the PS4, can I play against someone who is playing it on their PS3, or can I only play against other PS4 users?


This will heavily affect which platform I buy it for, since I'm not going to get the PS4 version if I then can't play against my friends who don't have the newest console straight away. I'm personally asking from a Playstation perspective, although i'm sure there are some X-box users who are wondering the same thing regarding the 360 and the One....

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Re: PS3 vs PS4 Multiplayer

PS4 and PS3 players will play on different servers due to various technical reasons.