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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-30-2013

My game of Battlefield 4 is not playing

So, when I launch the game, it never shows up. I tried going into the campaign and I hear everything but nothing comes up. It's all static and polygons. I checked everything and I meet the requirements. Please help! I payed for this so I deserve to play!

Posts: 20
Registered: ‎01-15-2013

Re: My game of Battlefield 4 is not playing

Try the following:


Reinstall the game

Reinstall your directX

Reinstall your graphical drivers

restart PC


and attempt to start the game again, if that doesn't help then it's probably a problem with the game, as it only came out problems are to be expected, it could take a week or two for DICE to patch up some of the major problems.