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Registered: ‎10-05-2013

*HOW TO FIX*[PC] Game crashing because graphics to high/ Game crashing because of Key Bindings *HOW TO FIX*

[ Edited ]

My BF4 Open beta game is crashing each time i try to launch the game, i think its because i changed my grahphics to all HIGH... the game will be on the loading screen then an error message will just pop up... PLZ HELP, how can i reset my bf4 video settings without go into game or is there an wy to join a game without it crashing...HELP HELP HELP!

This was my problem ealier this day then i was looking around on bf4 folder


i found an PROFSAVE_profile


Delete it and all settings on your profile will disseapear and fix either KEY BINDINGS or GRAPHIC crashes!


Your Progression ingame will not be deleted since its stored on Origin!

Hope this helped you and have a nice day