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Does BF4 have linux support?

I really like ubuntu.  it's small simple and clean, but I was wondering if I can natively play bf4?

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Re: Does BF4 have linux support?




"AMD and DICE, the developer of Battlefield 4, are committed to bringing the new Mantle API to the Linux platform, which would effectively give a tremendous boost to gaming on the open source platform.

A slideshow presentation has been spotted on a German website,, which shows that the two companies have a vested interest in getting Mantle ready for Linux and SteamOS.

The Mantle API would provide a much better interaction between game developers and the GPUS, enabling games to better communicate with the hardware and to ditch any software requirements (like DirectX).

The Mantle is a long way from arriving on Linux, but when it does get here, SteamOS will probably be out in force and Linux will become a powerhouse for development and innovation in the entertainment industry.


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Re: Does BF4 have linux support?

The short answer is: no