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Registered: ‎06-08-2013

Crashing almost every time BF4

[ Edited ]

Everytime I play a round about mid way through the game locks up....I can see the screen  but it sounds like it's "stuck".  I can play a full round of a few of the maps...but then it will crash 3 minutes into the next round.  I've tried different using different rivers for my video card...but nothing seems to work.


System is:

Windows 7 64bit 

Intel i5 2600k

8g ram

60g SSD - 2tb HD 

EVGA 560ti Super Over Clocked

Internet speeds  - Verizon Fios


A few other things i've tried is changing the video settings .  nothing seems to work.  I see that others have had the same issue, so I'm glad it's not only me...but has anyone "fixed" there issue or is this another "wait for the patch" fix...hahahaha   



I know the game just came out....and there are always glitches...but I never see it this bad.  Been playing games since BF 1942.....