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Contact support

How do I contact EA/BF4/Origin support? Been looking for a while now, getting the feeling that they really don't want to be contacted. If the case actually is that this forum if the substitute for a proper email/phone, then I worry for the future of gaming.

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Re: Contact support

you contact an EA Advisor by going to
You will have to write some keywords about your problem, then fill out product, category and platform, press “Find Solutions” and then “I Still Need Help”. Then your contact options will appear. If live chat/phone does not appear, it might be closed in your area at the moment and you might consider changing it to: “United States” or something else in the language selector in the bottom of the page for a better result.

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Re: Contact support

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^see above  



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Re: Contact support

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Re: Contact support

To contact EA support go to:


just remember that you won't be the only one trying to contact them seeing how many problems there are with the game right now.


don't expect too much help from their LIVE support.

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Re: Contact support

contacted the help center   https;//  .  yoiu can enter a phone number and they will call you back.  No known numbe to  contact them.  very strange PR.  but they claim they will try to help.  They first asked me if I tried to run as  administrator.  Are you kidding?  I've tried everything with no resolve.  I  have all of the expansion packs, spent lot of money.  It seems like they now want  me to spend more money on  something else.

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Re: Contact support

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I got your game need for speed shift couple years ago in Turkey. I am living UK and Turkey. But lately I lost app. I paid for email is [removed]
I have Samsung s2 and have a new tablet.
I am asking you if you can allow me to download the game again.
Waiting for you reply for if there any help for my problem.
Yours Sincerely
Nail Ersoy

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Re: Contact support



Please do not post private information on public forums.


The new help center has been released so the approach might have been changed a little.


To contact a game advisor, please visit the following site:


# Login to the site by clicking on "LOG IN" in the menu bar, top right.

# If you need to change language, click on the language in the menu bar on the left

# Search the game you need help with.

# Select the game by clicking on the image and click next.

# Select platform and click next"

# Select a topic and enter your issue and click next


You will now be provided with the contact options that are available, depending on your country.



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Re: Contact support

This is not a viable solution. This is a run around. Contact Support should be A PHONE NUMBER !!! HELLO!!!!!