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Cheap Battlefield 4 + Premium - where to get it, what to get

A thread about where you can get the game cheapest because who doesn't like to save some money. Will also serve as inspiration to all those out there who are in doubt of what to buy.

So where have you got your games? Have you taken the chance with some odd third party site like me or are you going with Origin or something third?


I already have access to beta and don't care about the other cosmetic stuff you can earn by playing so didn't need deluxe edtion and planned on buying premium from the get go so don't care about getting the first expansion for free since premium gives me that anyway, so I went with the basic and cheap version and just bought my games on (warning this is a referal link that will earn you + me 2 euro if you use and buy something - just enter it manually into the adress field if you don't want that).

I cost me: 43 euro for the base game preorder (got 20% discount with a code) and premium 35,50 euro (with the 25% discount that is running now).
Total 78,50 Euro


I think I managed to get it pretty cheap. What have you done?

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Re: Cheap Battlefield 4 + Premium - where to get it, what to get

[ Edited ]

I managed to get BF4 Standard + Premium for all under 62.64 Euros.

So I saved like 15.36 Euros.


PM me or add me on my skype: fawadking3 to know the secret