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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-06-2013

Bf4 crashes

Why does my game allways crashes each match. i rarly played a match with no crash. This is really annoying. i bought this game assuming it will be as good as bf3. But as i see i wasted my money

Posts: 70
Registered: ‎09-26-2012

Re: Bf4 crashes

To fix the crashes, use custom preset and put the texture quality to Low/Medium and Anti-Aliasing (Post) off atm. Haven't tried Ultra settings for the others but wouldn't recommend it. Many crashes exists, and this is how you can solve most of them...


You should also put GameTime.MaxVariableFps 61 in your user.cfg (install folder -- just create one), to stall the crashes from happening as they are fps based...