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Registered: ‎11-06-2013

Battlelog emblems/

Hello. I have trouble with creating e emblem in battlelog.
My emblem need right angled triangle, but this triangle is absent.
Is it possible to add right angled triangle to emblems layers?

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Re: Battlelog emblems/

Click on this link to See if it help regarding your Problem


Did you find the image editing section in there?




Hope this helps
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Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-06-2013

Re: Battlelog emblems/

You doт't understand. Where is I can create emblem, I founded it.
I want to add in layers right angled triangle.
I don't think EA will has troubles with it)

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Re: Battlelog emblems/



if there is not a layer that you need you will have to improvise

and create a triangle out of other elements that are available.

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Re: Battlelog emblems/

I need many it. And it will be hard)