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Battlelog Sign In

I have downloaded the battlelog on my iphone but it will not let me sign in.  A message pops up saying "  You need to have Battlefield 3 linked to your Origin account in order to sign in to Battlelog."  I am trying to sign in to battlelog to use with Battlefield 4 on Xbox One.  Is there anyway to switch it from battlefield 3 ( seeing how I no longer have the game) to Battlefield 4, so I can sign in?  Please help

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Re: Battlelog Sign In

If your Origin account is not recognizing your Gamertag, it is mostly related to a different e-mail address on your XBL account. No worries, just get in contact with one of our Game Advisor. They can check your linked "persona" and help you to get your Gamertag connected to your Origin account. Please keep in mind that they will need some information for their verification process.