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Battlefield 4 Russian Version?

I pre-order a BF 4 standard Russian Version.

Does it have English language ?

Can i play it in other country?


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Re: Battlefield 4 Russian Version?

Hi there,


If it is a Russian edition only, then it will not have English language. Of course, some parts of the game will be in English.
You can play it other countries, yes. But if the copy is region locked, then you can't.


(Also. I moved your topic from the Battlefield 3 section to this section (Battlefield 4). Make sure to post in the correct area next time.)


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Re: Battlefield 4 Russian Version?

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I've bought my game from legit source. I've paid full price. It was advertised on Origin as multilingual version yet what i got is big joke - only polish/russian language. If you cant provide us English language then give me my money back. Its goddamn segregation and we are treated as worse kind of human being. I feel cheated and i demand and apology and fix.

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Re: Battlefield 4 Russian Version?

You guys said the game will not be region locked like BF3 and we'll be able to choose the language we wish!


It doesn't matter if I bought the game in Russia. I want to play in english because my native language is not russian.


In BF3 we had to use bull**bleep** like this site to change the language:


Why are you forcing us to do this again?


And why Polish?

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Re: Battlefield 4 Russian Version?

same for me!

bought for the full price an key and can only select polish or russian!