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Battlefield 4 No Multiplayer Progression

So when I play Battlefield 4 multiplayer and i get a bunch of experience points, it does not save my progress. I played about 5 games before I realized this, as I was aiming to unlock the Carbine weapon class. When I enter a multiplayer match and customize the Engineer class, I see the progression bar to the M15 Mine, but it says 0 though I have gained thousands of experience points with the Engineer points. Thanks in advance and PLEASE HELP ME!
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Re: Battlefield 4 No Multiplayer Progression

From my understanding, if you played on a NON -RANKED server, you get no points. In order for you to get points, you MUST play on OFFICIAL RANKED servers. Look through your Battle Reports and see if you were playing on those.


I hop this helps or direct you into the right direction. If so, please give an xp :-) Thanks.

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Registered: ‎01-11-2014

Re: Battlefield 4 No Multiplayer Progression

Thanks I think that may be the problem