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Battlefield 4 Mic

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EA, you want to make Battlefield actually a great game? Sure the game is already great: graphics, game play, environment, story-line... The truth is you put out a great game but.... you can't overcome COD. 


The only reason you cannot sell more copies than COD is the fact that you stifle the community. Friends don't get put in each others platoons - IN EVERY GAME YOU PUT OUT - so what’s the point of platoon chat? Seriously what’s the point? We cannot communicate as a team; SURE there's team chat but do you realize that most people don't know how to or rather not be bothered to switch EVERY game? So if people are not automatically put in team chat not enough people will make the effort to try to go to team chat. If people aren't bad mouthing the other team, trolling each other, working as a group to find the enemy WHAT'S the point to chat PERIOD???


Do  you know what it is like.... in EVERY game to have to switch to team chat? GOD I rather play COD. Don't make your s**t so complicated. 


No ones got time for that! 


Why don't you stop trying to be different from COD... Why even make a point that your different in EVERY LittLE way. It's a freakin shooter. Make a GOOOD shooter where there is community and people will actually play.



What did I just say EA...

                                       SERIOUSLY your spell check sucks. 

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Re: Battlefield 4 Mic



Actually, you can communicate with the whole team. Just leave your Squad, and set your VoiP to "TEAM". From there, you can talk to the entire team. :robotwink:


Easy, uh? There is even more ways in Battlefield.


- With kind regards,




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Re: Battlefield 4 Mic

Timmie, hope u somehow get this. I have been Committed to Commander since game start. I bought a new samsung galaxy note 10.1. I am hoping I can use the great mic and voice recognition that comes with this android device. Talking in game makes all the difference.  However no icon, mic icon appears on my battle screen. Timmie, buddy can u help me out. I play as KEREPTIS. See me online love to rip it up with u. Cheers and Happy Holidays.  P.S.mBanner game! Amazeing job, everyone involved,  stunning. Next, ya got any gold battlepacks on the black market?

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Re: Battlefield 4 Mic

What about camera mic on BF4 on PS4???
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Re: Battlefield 4 Mic

still doen't work