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Banned for no reason....

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I'd like to start where it all began..


about 1 month ago when i installed Windows 8.1 my BF4 stopped responding within 10-15 seconds ingame,

and PB would kick me off the server..


Now that aint the problem atm (i think) 


I found a bugfix on one of these forums of changing the pbA & B from SysWHO to System32 and allowing them into the Windows Firewall.

I got this to work for like 2 or 3 games and now i got this message when i wanted to FINALLY play with some mates again...


Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'Universa_2011' (for 1200 minutes) ... enforced a Cross Game MBi Ban for the GUID ********. [Admin Decision]
So i searched for the MBi ban and its a bann on everysingle game is got in my origins ? 
i only got BF3 SWTOR and BF4 on my account and i never even came close to touching a hack or sumthing.....
any way to fix this? 
 this game is really starting to piss me off, got it since release and i made it all the way to rank 7.... 
Apparently the bann was on 12th of October 
Saying "GAMEHACK" 
But seeing from post of other people it seems that this was part of the kick u got when u had the problem of Windows 8.1 i started with. 
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Re: Banned for no reason....



We are not able to comment on on banned/suspended accounts. For more information please visit the following page:



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