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BF4 second assault Just isnt working

I seem to have a problem with second assault on battlefield 4


I had battlefield 4 on the 360 but traded it in when the xbone arrived, I also purchased premium when the xbone was setup. I downloaded the second assault pack but there are no servers in quick match and if I use a SA server from the list there's never anyone on there


Also when I attempt to use the air superiority option it advises me to download a dlc yet there's no option to do so


I saw some suggestions telling me to re-download the second assault pack, however when you go to store and attempt this, the store informs me helpfully that I have already installed this, and gives me no option to re-install it.


There dosent seem to be anywhere on the XBone to delete content or manage space on the drive


Can you advise please


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Re: BF4 second assault Just isnt working

I has this problem when I set up SA last night.  After you download SA restart BF4.  The use your server browser and literally experiment with the server browerser filter settings, be sure to check all of the SA maps and game modes that you want to use and then change the server population and other filters on the right.  be sure to check normal servers because Hard Core servers don't seem to be showing up on Xbone yet.

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