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Registered: ‎11-10-2013

BF4 not launching AT ALL

The game will not open Battlelog from either shortcut on my desktop. It will open from Origin but will stay at Initializing for the test range and Joining server on a regular game. I can not join any game. I had this exact same issue in the beta, I do not know why I just blew $50 for a game I can literally NOT PLAY AT ALL. I have the hardware for it. i5 3570k, Radeon R9 290x, 16gb 2133 RAM, SSD, the list goes on. Do I expect a response from DICE? Not really. I have reinstalled the VC libraries, I am NOT going to reinstall the game because I do not want to spend ANOTHER 10+ hours downloading it. Can another person with a fix please let me know? We all know how **bleep**ty EA is with customer support, otherwise they would not have released such a broken game.