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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-01-2013

BF4 launch crash [FIX] -PC

Very simple.

Don't use the new nvidia beta driver.

use the 327.23 Driver.

same goes for AMD.


Right when you launch a server, 

Task manager- process- right click bf4.exe- set priority as [HIGH]- fixed. 

then go enjoy your beta.


note their will still be fps lag. i don't know how to fix that, but with beta drivers it makes it even worse.

good luck

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎02-21-2013

Re: BF4 launch crash [FIX] -PC

Nope, doesnt help. BF4.exe still disappears from the process list after a few seconds. Tried with beta drivers, latest stable, previous stable, 10 driver versions, nothing at all. And I like how EA keeps quited about this.

Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-29-2013

Re: BF4 launch crash [FIX] -PC

how do i fix BF4 has stop working?    i can't play it, not even once

Posts: 3
Registered: ‎10-14-2013

Re: BF4 launch crash [FIX] -PC

[ Edited ]

I had to put my system back to auto and remove all overclocks...including xmp(My ram was rated at and running at 2000mhz). Now running on stock with 1600mhz ram and all crashes arew gone....hope this helps.  Oh I7990x @4.6ghz(well it was anyway). Dame you EA/Dice for releasing a game I actually have to downclock to play. And yes all watercooled and temps were fine at OC. They are dreamy now tho...max out at