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BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

by generaldeleon

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BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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Hello I am new to the forums and I need help...


I purchased BF4 New from the Sony store when I got my PS4 and it came with a Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC code which I redeemed immediately when I put the game in. 


I downloaded and installed it on my PS4, which it shows that I did. 


However now "After the China Rising" release, I am not able to play China Rising at all... it says I need the DLC and instructs me to purchase the China Rising DLC again... 


I'm not entirely sure why this is happening... PLEASE HELP! Standard smile 


Thanks in advanced 

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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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Go to your settings.
Then click on the psn icon
After that go to restore licences and there ya go.

So many people have been having this problem. I sat on the phone and online all day yesterday going through steps to fix this but nothing worked. Then after reading post after post on a forums site in the battlefield control room I came across the answer to it all and it takes 30 seconds. I went through so much sony even sent me a refund which they never do because all purchases are final and no refunds are givin which is weird why I got one. Probably because of everything I went through to get it fixed and then I end up reading it for myself not even being helped by a representative. EA sent me to sony to fix it because even they didn't have a solution then when I talked to Sony they tried telling me to call EA which I just did and they sent me to them, they were just trying to send me back and forth with them having no solutions.
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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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What about with an xbox 360 cause I'm having the same issue except I preordered battlefield and got the code in the game
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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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This still didn't work.. I tried exactly what you said it continues to do the same.. 

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