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BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

by turtlebuds

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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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I have it to can't find the dlc can't look in the premium store.

So I can't install the dlc. I am really excited to play but I can't.

Do you people know how to fix.

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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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What are you playing it on and are you premium?

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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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Come on ea sort it out !
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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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Come on EA don't be like Rockstar and gta 5. You need to get this problem fixed! Confusedmileyfrustrated:

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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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same issue i bought bf4 premium on the ps3 because i was made to believe the transfer to next gen would go smoothly.. lol. but when i downloaded premium on the ps4 i did not have access to the china rising DLC so i deleted premium to try and re- install it as i assumed it could be down to that and now i can't download premuim , keeps saying "waiting to install" but it doesn't and in the PSN network its already been "installed" any one else having this issue or know what to do? thanks.

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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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My DLC is not detected... (battlefield 4 limited edition)

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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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I just chatted in with EA live support. They gave me a bit of insight on some issues. For those of you have the download code but have not downloaded premium, China Rising will be available when it launches to non premium members on December 17th. They also reported a known issue when trying to join servers through quick match. Hope this helps. For anyone have other issues I highly suggest the live support option, I only waited 1 minute before talking with a live person. 


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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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Same, but the option to play air superiority isn't even showing up! I can unlock the weapons, but I can't unlock the SUAV or the UCAV because for some reason I can't play on a China Rising server. (PS3).
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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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@teejyorednan do you have premium? If you don't then you can't access the game until the 17th of December
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Re: BF4 China Rising Expansion not working

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turtlebuds wrote:

I downloaded CR but it isn't letting me access it, so I deleted it from my notifications list and it's not in my library (I assume it didn't install), so I went to playstation store to reinstall it but couldn't find out where to access it from, so I just re-entered my code (which gave me a prompt stated its already been used), but it gave me the information for the code stating it a china rising expansion code, but it wouldn't let me re-download it...?

When I start BF4, there is no prompt to download china rising, even though I'm a premium member, and also had the pre-order bonus for it. Even if I try to start Air Superiority game it just prompts that I don't have the required expansion and nothing more.

When I look in the Premium options from the game menu, it mentions china rising and gives some brief info, but no option to download.

I can't find the option to download china rising *anywhere*; not on playstation store, not in the BF4 game menu...nowhere.

I've been searching for the past few hours and I have to say it really has me pretty upset, I can't believe this big of an oversight has been made for such a simple thing.

All other game downloads and addons for other games have worked just fine, and I've been able to find them no problem, so I know it's not me just being stupid. Can anyone help me find a way to download it again, or force it to prompt a download for CR?

Thanks in advance!

I am a Battlefield 4 Premium member on PS3. I had the same problem discribed above. The problem is coming from the fact that the automatic downloading feature is not functioning and installing properly. In addition there is a automatic update you need to manually install. Also, I found that the Playstation Store and DICE did not set up the China Rising Expansion Pack in the store nor on the Playstation console for users to easily download and install Here is how I solved the problem:


#1 You need to upload the latest Playstation patch first. Go to your Playstation Menu and go to >Automatic Updates< run the update check. There is a automatic update I assume from DICE but some how that update is not functioning properly. You need to update manually. Find it and click >INSTALL<


#2 Next go to the Playstation 3 Store and using the search finder, Type in Battlefield 4 China Rising, now download. (Somehow in Europe it is missing from the store and can only be found through the search box)


#2 After Installing the update and the DLC, go to your Downloads on your Playstation 3 account. You can find it by going to >Account Management> Transactions> Downloads< Click on Battlefield 4 China Risingand manually download the map.


This should now work. Just be sure you have the latest patch and manually check your downloads and manually install.....

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Accepted Solution

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This is a CONFIRMED fix for Xbox360! If you are having the issue where you try to join a server, and it directs you to the store to buy the expansion, even though you already own it, and have downloaded it, then try this:


-Delete everything related to BF4 from your hard drive, except the game save data if you wish.

-Clear the system cache several times.

-Boot the game from the disk. Do not install it to you hard drive, yet.

-Do the first update that pops up.

-Do the 2nd update that pops up. This should be the HD content install (2gig).

-Do the 3rd update, which should be the most recent multi-player update.

-After this update, it will say that you need to restart for it to take effect. DO NOT RESTART. -> CANCEL.

-Go to the in-game store and re-download the CR expansion. Should be free since you already own it.

-When this is done, DO NOT accept the offer to restart. Instead, exit straight to the Xbox Home Screen.

-Now install the game disc content to your HD.

-Start the game, and your CR expansion should unlock
-Hope this helps!

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