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how to activate my battle feed

how can o activate my  battle and i cant sign in on the main page

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Re: how to activate my battle feed

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you cant sing in battlelog? use your email and password that you made for ea account


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Re: how to activate my battle feed



Battlefeed is started by logging into with the EA account that your Gamertag is tied to. If you have forgotten your login details, I would suggest contacting EA so that they can find your account and help you log into Battlelog. I was signing into Battlelog with an old account that my 360 was not even tied to. EA was able to help me figure out what I was doing wrong. 


Once you are in Battlelog with the correct account, you will need to add someone as your friend in Battlelog in order for the Battlefeed to display status updates based on what your friends are unlocking. Keep in mind, someone's in-game Persona or Gamertag may not be the same as their EA ID so you may need to ask your xbox live or playstation friends what their EA ID is so that you can search and add them in Battlelog.


Hope this helps.

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Re: how to activate my battle feed

Thanks I can't believe its something that simple 

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Re: how to activate my battle feed