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Registered: ‎12-17-2012

can't go online on origin

i seems that i can't go ONLINE on origin. i can be online as invisible when i log in. if you can give me more details on how to overcome this problem, it would help me. And i've already installed battlefield 3. when i try to play the the quick matches, the computer tells me to install the game which i've already installed it many times. 

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Re: can't go online on origin

If you this place's searchfield and entered "can't go online" into it, you will get several topics that has some things you can do. Just like this one:


If that doesn't help you, you can return here.


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Re: can't go online on origin

If you want to do a quiq status check of the origin servers,

check this link


Atm only the store is online hahaha, come and by but you cant install  .

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Re: can't go online on origin

Its the same with me ecxcept I cant go online at all or play Battlefield 4 which I have on an install disk and have attempted to install many times! HALP