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battlelog not working, can't join any games

by reiverman

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battlelog not working, can't join any games

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I can't select which game I want to join, clicking on them does nothing. Sometimes the join server button isn't there at all, and when it is, clicking it does nothing. When I click quickmatch it tells me I need to install the game. I've repaired my install but I still have the same problem.

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Re: battlelog not working, can't join any games


hey as i understand you are pc? what is your pc specs? did you try reinstall origin? do you see a game in origin? is it sais "INstalled" when you go into origin then lead mouse on bf3 icon check letter "i" on bf3 poster and see under "ADDONS"


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Re: battlelog not working, can't join any games


Try joining through


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