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Registered: ‎01-03-2013

UNABLE to connect to BF3 PC servers

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I've got the problem that I can get through the initial stages of joining server, logging on, initializing etc. But once it gets to connecting the BF3 client eventually closes and a red error message appears which reads "Game disconnected: could not join server" . This happens on every single server.

I own both BF3 LE for Xbox and also LE and Premium for PC.

I've done the following things as advised by old threads:

Turned off uPnP on router and on PC. Stopped SSDP Discovery services and uPnP services. Reinstalled origin. Repaired install. Disabled fire wall and antivirus. All ports are open on my router. Reinstalled BF3. Tried both Chrome and Firefox. Uninstalled, reinstalled, updated etc. PB and it's in the right path as well. My drivers are up to date and my computer is more than capable of running the game as it will run the campaign okay. Flushed DNS Disabled ECN packets Tried removing the HOST files. Didn't work so replaced them. Nothing in them relating to EA anyway.

I've also tried using my PC at a mate's house where the other three guys there could all run it fine so this rules out any problems with the router.


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Re: UNABLE to connect to BF3 PC servers

Try doing a UO Trace from the See where you're losing packets. Theres an article on

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Re: UNABLE to connect to BF3 PC servers

I just got this prblm the other day. Super annoying. Have done most of the steps u did as well to no avail...