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Please help with : Could not communicate with BF3. Please use the Task Manager to close it down.

First I did search the forum, the 8 pages topic did not help solve out this problem. 

My OS is Window 8, my problem is slightly different : 

1/ Could not communicate with BF3. Please use the Task Manager to close it down. ReconnectEA HELP 
2/ I open "Task manager" - bf3.exe did not appear, so I can't end task, bf3.exe did appear in task manager like everyone else's case 2 days ago before this post, I couldn't end it, so I reboot the computer. 
3/ I tried different approach : close origin, login battlog by chrome, launch the game, still the error message. 
4/ I tried the IGO32.dll replacing, still not working 
5/ I tried repair Battlefield 3, still not working 
6/ I tried open task manager, close punkbustera, punkbusterb, origin, origin service, and run origin again, still not working. 

Please help me solve this problem. THank you.

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That is my post in eaforums, and the "EA_origin support" guy could not help me.  Well, I did try his 1st advice, and then his 2nd advice, going to and have a look on these topic : [READ FIRST] Known issues, guides and FAQs 


What the f, very specific, rich infomation solution, but can't help my problem. I read every words, use every solutions, still stucked. Can any supporters solve my problem ? 

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Re: Please help with : Could not communicate with BF3. Please use the Task Manager to close it down.

Things you should always try:
- Make sure your computer meet all the game requirements ( )
- Try restarting your computer and network equipment (routers, switches etc.)
- Try another browser (Chrome/FireFox/IE)
- Try repairing your game in Origin (right click --> repair)
- Try reloading your games in Origin by pressing "Reload My Games"
- Check if Punkbuster is running correctly and update it manually ( )
- Try setting bf3.exe and Origin as a trusted application in the windows(/other) firewall
- Update ALL your drivers especially the graphics card but also components like soundcards, network card, motherboard/chipset, headset and mouse+keyboard, to the newest version, if the problem came with a new driver then remove that driver and downgrade to the driver that worked.
- Try testing if the problem is still there if you perform a clean boot ( )
- Look for the problem in the pinned threads like - Check the READ FIRST post and

- Try flushdns to flush your dns cache ( )
- Make sure Origin doesn't have connection issues ( )
- Make sure the correct ports for BF3 is open ( )
- Try cleaning your browsers' cache and temporary files using CCleaner ( )
- Try reinstalling Origin by manually uninstalling first ( ) + make sure it's the newest version
- Try reinstalling the game by manually uninstalling first ( )
- If you have a Realtek soundcard try disabling it in the BIOS
- Make sure your CPU/other is not overheating, check if all fans are running and record and post your temperatures here
- Try deleting the BF3 Settings folder in C:/Users/USERNAME/My Documents/Battlefield 3
- Possible connection problems? Try doing a UOtrace to EA's servers to check for problems - - also do a and a and remember to post all the results.
- DirectX error? Try reinstalling DirectX ( )
- Use Windows Eventviewer to look at the error in xml and copy/paste the solution here
- Run Origin and Battlefield 3 as administrator ( )
- Go to the cloud button on BF3 and uncheck the “enable cloud storage for all games” box. Launch the game, quit it and re-enable the cloud storage box. Make sure to use the local data when the information box popping up.
- Network/Connection problems? Make sure you are the only one using the internet connection, especially make sure no torrent programs are running.

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎10-18-2013

Re: Please help with : Could not communicate with BF3. Please use the Task Manager to close it down.

Thanks mate, non of these fit my problem. I just have enough with this bull**bleep** Origin.