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I Forgot my Origin Email Account.

by Numblegs

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I Forgot my Origin Email Account.

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I have forgotten my email that I used for the origin account I had to make when I got battlefield 3.



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Re: I Forgot my Origin Email Account.

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Also, I created an ea account a long time ago with a persona you had to make. I got battlefield 3 and I created a new gamertag and I had to create an origin account to play it and without knowing my gamertag I made was the exact same name as that old ea id name I made along time ago so is my gamertag accociated with that old account also and the origin account I created when I got battlefield 3.

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Re: I Forgot my Origin Email Account.

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This happened to me too. I contacted EA support (Which was quite nice) and they told me this:


"Go through all of your emails in your head.

CLick "Forgot your password?" 

You can use ur persona username to send the email.

Go through EVERY SINGLE EMAIL you know.

WHichever email u get the email saying "reset password" that is ur email u used to sign up w/t it


and whala. 

Good as new."


If u dont know ur persona then your outta luck dude.

U can try to contact support (which i did)

And they might be able to reset it.

Next time, be more careful.

Also, this was 4 the sims 3, but they're both EA and Origin.


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