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Registered: ‎01-04-2013

Can't download battlefield 3 update 1.08 ps3

Hi, when I try to download battlefield3 update 1.08 for my ps3, it is really slow, and stops at about 90% with the error message; 80710723. I have tried numerous times and have reduced the firewall settings on my router to totally unsafe! Still no luck! Please help!

many thanks, Erik.

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Registered: ‎01-04-2013

Re: Can't download battlefield 3 update 1.08 ps3

Some time it don´t start. I have it downloding for 10 hours and got 30%. What´s happening?? (I HAVE a internet connection :smileywink:  )

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Re: Can't download battlefield 3 update 1.08 ps3

Same im really confused because i never have problems with any other game..


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Re: Can't download battlefield 3 update 1.08 ps3

Hello there guys!


You may be able to correct this issue by deleting the Game Data for the games experiencing difficulty. To delete the Game Data, follow the instructions below:

• Navigate to the Game icon on the XrossMediaBar (XMB menu).
• Select Game Data Utility and press the "X" Button.
• Select the game title that you are experiencing the issue(s) with.
• Press the Triangle button, select the option to Delete, and press the "X" button.

After deleting the game data, go into Safe Mode and select option 3 (Restore File System). Step by step instructions on how to access Safe Mode is located in this link, or you can follow the instructions below:

• Turn off the PS3 by holding the Power button until the power light turns red.
• Press and hold the Power button until you hear 3 separate beeps (separated by about 5 seconds) and the power light goes from red to green and back to red.
• Press and hold the Power button again. This time listen for 2 single beeps (separated by about 5 seconds), followed by a rapid double beep. As soon as you hear the double beep, release the power button. The light on your system will still be green if this is done properly.

Next, Plug your controller in with the USB cable and you will see a menu with six options. For this troubleshooting, please choose option number 3, Restore File System. After selecting to Restore File System, you will see a message indicating that the Hard Disk File System has been corrupted and will be restored. Press the "X" button to confirm the restoration. (Please note, this operation will not delete any data saved on your console. This will attempt to repair any data corruption and will only remove data if the corruption cannot be cleared.)

The PS3 is a bit different than a personal computer and it is possible that there are firewalls in your Internet equipment or other restrictions that are interfering with the connection. I would like to make sure you have attempted the following steps for your Internet connection to help us determine if the problem lies within the connection or within your PlayStation3 system itself.

• First, Praline, disable your Media Server Connection. From your XrossMediaBar (XMB), go to Settings > Network Settings > Media Server Connection, and disable. Then turn off your PS3 

• Power-Cycle ALL Network Devices:
Unplug "All" of your network devices and equipment, making sure all lights on the modem and router are turned off for two (2) full minutes. Certain VOIP modems (where your telephone is connected to your modem) may have a battery installed. You will need to remove the battery in order for the modem to be completely turned off. Then turn your PS3 back on and set up the Internet connection. 

More information on troubleshooting your wireless connection can be found here:

• If you are using a wireless connection and the above steps have not resolved the problem, please try bypassing your router by connecting your PlayStation3 system directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable. More instructions on wired connections can be found here: . If it works well with the wired connection, further troubleshooting will need to be completed with your router manufacturer.

• Sometimes security settings, or firewalls can prevent you from connection to certain servers on the network. This will cause lagging, freezing and disconnection issues when playing online. We have a list of port information that the PlayStationNetwork uses, that you can provide your router manufacturer so they can assist you in port forwarding. If the required ports are not open in your router, the PlayStationNetwork may not work properly.


Please report back here again if you need more help and i will help further.


- With kind regards, Timmie.

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Registered: ‎01-05-2013

same prob here.

god i hope DICE would stop giving us patches that are 1GB above cuz it's pain in the ass to download!!!!

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Registered: ‎01-08-2013

Re: same prob here.

Dont downlaod that patch its fckd my game up, cant play with guns anymore
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Registered: ‎01-11-2013

Re: Can't download battlefield 3 update 1.08 ps3

I tried "Timmie" suggestion. I even completed a full system restore and updated the ps3 software to 4.31. I enable my network, put in the disc. The system wants me to download update 1.08, I say ok, and then it sits at 0% progress with 1 of 2 files remaining.


How does this happen on a restored system? Am I completely missing something?


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Re: same prob here.

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If you don't download the patch, you will not be able to play the game.

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Re: Can't download battlefield 3 update 1.08 ps3

Nice attempt with the help, but none of it **bleep**ing worked. How the hell am I supposed to play with poxy game if I can't get the patch installed?

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Registered: ‎01-02-2013

Re: Can't download battlefield 3 update 1.08 ps3

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