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Can't access Origin account - can't reset password

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First of all i can't log into my Origin account, because it says wrong password. So i posted this on a newly made account.

I am unable to reset my password because the email i use to log into Origin is blocked/hacked. I am using a different email now.

I can log into my EA account via Facebook, but can't change the password/email since it says it's the wrong password.


Please just reset my password so I can access my account and change the email connected with the account to some other email.

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Re: Can't access Origin account - can't reset password



you should use the live chat or phone support for important problems Under product select Battlefield 3, Under Category select Account/Registration, Under Platform select the platform.
You should see at the bottom Call Me Live Chat, Email Me. Select Either Call me or live chat (whichever one is available).


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Re: Can't access Origin account - can't reset password

sometimes hackers try to trick us into going to the websites to ask for help and at hte same time finding out your security information. Be careful trying to many options. I beleive its probably better for EA to work on the propblem