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Battlelog Sign-In Problem

I can't sign into battlelog with my xbox 360 account even If i havet been signed into battlelog in Battlefield 3 why döds the battlelog app and website reject my xbox account?
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Re: Battlelog Sign-In Problem

I guess you are not able to see your Xbox Gamertag on your soldier profile? If you having trouble to connect your Gamertag to your Origin account, it is mostly because of a different e-mail on your XBL account or if it was connected previously to an older EA ID. No worry, one of our Game Advisor can check your account and help to connect your Gamertag to your Origin account. Please keep in mind that they will need some of your private details for their verification process.




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Re: Battlelog Sign-In Problem

I am having similar problem, I cannot access my battlelog.  I have had an account with EA with all the other Battlefields.  Just recently bought a Xbox one, tried to log in to Origin with my account and did not work.  Asked to get a reset password and have not received anything yet, even after multiple tries.  I went and made a new account and email was not sent to new email account to verify the email address.  If I log into battlefield with this new account nothing shows up, no soldier ifno anything.  Need help desperatly!  My friends are not having this issue so what is the problem???