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Battlefield wont launch form online

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When I go to launch BF3 it won't launch from online, but if I go in offline mode on Origin the campaign will launch. When I go to the online page to launch the game I can click on everything but nothing will come up for the game. i.e. game manager, etc.


I made sure all drivers and browsers were up-to-date, and game still won't launch.


Why can't I launch from online? What can I do to fix that?

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Re: Battlefield wont launch form online

Hi jaman31489!


Looks like something might be blocking at the connection level. Let's try this:


At first, download and install the latest version of Origin at (and make sure you have your Origin account ready as well).

If that doesn’t help, close the Origin client and go directly to you Origin folder  C:\Program Files\Origin Games. Run the origin.exe in this folder with a rightclick -> run as administrator. 

This worked out in the most cases, if not, try to deactivate your firewall/antivirus software and/or check the online ports of your connection:

TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127
: 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300
For specific instructions on how to open your ports, please visit or contact your router manufacturer.


 Please let us now if the problem persists.


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Re: Battlefield wont launch form online

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I've had this problem since weeks. I checked everything what above was said. 


What my probllem really was: Before the problem started to happen. My anti-virus (Just to mention it is ESET) prompted me for activating addictional SSL secuirity. I realized it was the SSL secuirity that was causing all this trouble.


SSL secuirity is protocol checking and you can allow the exceptions in SSL secuirity.

Now my problem is finally fixed and am able to launch the game online from desktop