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Battlefield 3 Browser Plugin

by swat864

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Battlefield 3 Browser Plugin

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I am having for months the same issue with installing the browser plugin as many other BF3 players. When I want to dowload the plugin in Internet Explorer it says that it is unable to download it. With Google Chrome it works but when I want to run it I get this message that I dont have the authorization to run it. (In Dutch it gives this error: "Kan geen toegang tot het opgegeven apparaat, pad of bestand krijgen. Mogelijk hebt u geen toegangsmachtigingen tot het apparaat." So it says i am not authorized to run it. I bought this legally, even bought the Karkand expansion so I don't know how I could resolve it. I did many things that other players recommend me to do like reinstall Origin, reinstall Battlefield 3, checking firewall, do something about the adds,... But I believe this authorization thing has nothing to do anymore with IE or Mozilla or the stuff with internet or firewall. I just need an answer to solve this authorization problem and install this plugin. It has been almost 6 months since the last time i played BF3. 6 months! And still there is no solution. I really hope you guys could help me out, otherwise I think i am going to throw this game into the thrashcan. 

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