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BF4 Question. Is There "Aim Assist" in BF4 Yes/No for systems?

by markcritelli

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BF4 Question. Is There "Aim Assist" in BF4 Yes/No for systems?

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There is NO Aim Assist in PC version so there for there should be NO aim assist on system versions.  It makes the game newbish.  And saying its harder to aim with joysticks is why there aim assist is a lame excuse, i been online gaming on shooter games for 15 years & i always had one of the BEST Acc% out 80% of the online players. its not that hard all they/U have to do is at start of the new game is go to Options & sweek there crosshairs/look speed to suit them/you & BAM ull be able to aim skilled.  With aim assist on systems it makes me feel like im playing COD what a joke & i have my aim assist OFF cuase its for garbage players BUT at close-medeim range aim assist has the upper hand cuase you look tord the enemy & it throws the crosshair on the enemy body & they just need to hit the trigger. its a huge joke & i HOPE in BF4 all aim assist will be removed for PC & Systems.  SO DICE/EA will Aim Assist Be Removed in BF4 for systems Yes/No?

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