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BF3 freezing my system after PS3 firmware update 4.41.

by twistedpixel88

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BF3 freezing my system after PS3 firmware update 4.41.

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After updating my system with the new firmware 4.41 update BF3 has been freezing the ps3 everytime I play online.

Ive had no problems with playing online with BF3 befor until after the update. It happens with no other game, but is extremely frustrating because battelfield is nearly the only game I play online. I know this is a known issue but i have not see a soloution that works.

I have tried the following:

  • Tried different ISP with higher speed
  • Deleted game data
  • Re-installed the game
  • Restored the PS3 file system in safe mode
  • Rebuilt the database

So what am I to try now? This is ridicolouis I have paod good money for this game, but this bug has been a known issue fo years now yet it is still happening..


Please EA/DICE can you resolve this bug!


A very annoyed customer,


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Re: BF3 freezing my system after PS3 firmware update 4.41.

Hi there,


You should contact Sony's Support about this since it is a system update from Sony and not DICE/EA. 


Sony Support:

Sony Contact Us:


- With kind regards,


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