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[Battlefield 2] booster pack registration

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How to register battlefield 2 booster pack. Can't use web site as it doesn't exist?????????????????????

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Re: battlefield 2 booster pack registration

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Try or from Origin, Origin -> Redeem Product Code...

If it doesn't work then contact customer support.
Or from Origin: Help -> Origin Help -> Live chat.

If you simply want to gain access to the booster packs then those were released free for everyone with one of the latest patches.

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Re: battlefield 2 booster pack registration

Try or for the latest up to date patches for most EA titles.

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Re: battlefield 2 booster pack registration

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Got the latest patch installed (v1.5), but somehow I still cannot see Euro Force and Armored Fury.

Any ideas?


I found this on EA help site (

  1. Install Battlefield 2.
    Note: If you have the Battlefield 2 Deluxe pack, install and skip to step 3.
  2. Install Battlefield 2: Special Forces.
  3. Install the 1.41 full patch, which can be found here.
  4. Install Battlefield 2: Armored Fury.
  5. Install Battlefield 2: Euro Force.
  6. Install the 1.41 full patch once again.

I am installing off a DVD, and there is no installs for EF and AF ... (sigh)

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Re: [Battlefield 2] booster pack registration

Hi.I click on the Computer icon on my desktop on the Battlefield 2 disk then I click on Upgradess and then it sends me to the ea website category battelfield.I click on bf2 complete collection and there is nothing.I looked at your helps and links but I can't install the booster packs.Please help.

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Re: battlefield 2 booster pack registration

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